ownCloud univention portal ip filtering

Im configuring ownCloud with the VMWare Appliance

It’s now accesible from the web by here


but user can still access this page


Is there a way to deny access to this page https://owncloud.domain/univention/portal/#category=software and just have access to https://owncloud.domain/ownCloud

Thanks !

But without the admin password they can’t login, right?

yes but i guess they can try to login with random password…is there a security to ban ip after some attemps ?

I don’t think so. But the better question is, why are you so suspicions about your users?

It’s not about my user that im suspicious :slight_smile:

the website will be facing internet so it’s about Internet users that im suspicious :slight_smile:

Maybe the following app is doing what you’re looking for?


I know it’s old stuff, but might be helpful, at least as an idea.