Owncloud very slow for many small files

Hi, I've just install Owncloud 9 on an Compact Presario running Ubuntu 16.04 and a client on my mac. I've linked my Owncloud with my Qnap trought FTP and I've installed the client on my mac.
My problem is that the upload is very slow (a couple of hours (sometime days) for a couple of hundreds of Mb). I've searched on the web and there is a lot discussion about it, but there doesn't seems to be any solution to the problem.
Does any body know a solution/tweak for this ?



unfortunately there is currently no solution for that except that you're tuning your operating system and your database for best performance. oC specific info about that is available here:


For operating system and database tuning please use your favorite search engine to find common tuning guides.

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There is currently development in process to speed up the upload of many small files:

How many files do you have?


With some mysql tuning, I was able to increase the upload speed to about 1000 files/minute:

I am happy to see that there is more ongoing work :slight_smile:

It depends on the folders, but some can have up to 6000 files

Thats pretty good, I'll try that !