Owncloud vs NextCloud? Whats best for a dropbox alternative?


I am playing with Owncloud, hosting it on a VM, with 3 VM windows machines all running the owncloud software. One of those is on a separate network with a VPN connection to simulate syncing things off site.

I have had a little trouble getting the NextCloud vm installed due to how ESXi sometimes sends duplicate keystrokes & Nextcloud forcing a password change during install.

I am curious what the overall difference is for the products? They seem to be similar, some sort of staff change from both projects, and some other drama were what i found online.

My main usage would be to replace dropbox. I will host it in my office with VPN access for devices offsite so the https I think isnt so important.

I just want something that is reliable and wont phone home / delete my data by mistake.

Thanks, Rich


ownCloud is a very stable dropbox like replacement solution.

Like anything that has a level of security and features, it can take a minute to install and configure for production use.


i’m not sure how much sense it makes to ask such a question:

If you ask in here i think you will get the answer “use ownCloud” where the same question asked in the NextCloud forum probably would be answered “use NextCloud”. :grinning: