Owncloud wants to update after installing App


When trying to install the ownNote App (using the download option (https://apps.owncloud.com/content/download.php?content=168512&id=1&tan=1118461) and the copy & paste the ownNote folder into the Apps folder) the main ownCloud login screen indicates: "ownCloud will be updated to version 8.0.3". My current version is (already) "8.0.3 stable" which should be good enough according to the ownNote requirements.

While I did not request this update and the suggested update equals the current version, I clicked on the "Start" button. This puts ownCloud in maintenance mode (as set in the config.php) but does nothing further.

So I manually unset the maintenance mode and removed the ownNote folder and all is back to a working state. But obviously ownNote is not installed.

Any suggestions on how to install ownNote?


Running this outdated version is an absolute no-go:

  • 8.0.3 was released two years ago
  • 8.0.x and 8.1.x major releases are already end-of-life

Please upgrade to a recent version of ownCloud first (at least 9.0.x) before continuing here.

I agree that having a newer version is in general the best advice. However, I am running ownCloud on a NAS device with very limited capabilities (e.g. not the latest PHP version) so I am hesitating to update with the risk of breaking the installation.

Additional, it is clearly stated in the ownNote addon that this version should work.

Any advice on how to make it work with my current ownCloud version?
It seems very weird that simply copying the new addon to the App folder invokes an update screen (towards the currently installed version)...

But ownCloud 8.0.x is already end-of-life as explained above so you won't get any support for such outdated versions and there is no guarantee that you're issue is not coming from this outdated version.

ownNote addon is a 3rdparty app so it can state whatever the app developer wants. It could also advertise compatibility with ownCloud 3 even if it is not compatible. :slight_smile:

You might hit bugs in ownCloud when enabling apps which are not there in newer ownCloud version so don't rely on such statements of 3rdparty apps.

This is expected in such outdated versions. Newer ownCloud versions are showing that the app needs an update, not ownCloud itself.

So please follow my advise and upgrade to at least 8.2.11 [1] before trying to solve this issue.

[1] https://owncloud.org/changelog/#latest8.2

Thanks for the reply.

I noticed that ownCloud 8.2 requires MySql 5.5+ while I have MySql 5.0 installed. Additional it requires PHP 5.4 while I have PHP 5.3 installed. Updating to meet these requirements is not obvious as I am using modules specifically prepared for the NAS environment.

So I will leave the system as it is now.


Are you sure? oC 8.0.x already required PHP 5.4+: https://doc.owncloud.org/server/8.0/admin_manual/release_notes.html#php-5-3-support-dropped

You are correct!

Although the installed module (from FaJo.de for a Thecus NAS) is marked PHP53, the phpinfo() feedback reveals it is PHP Version 5.5.7. However, MySql is version 5.0.11 so that is a no-go for updating I assume.