ownCloud Web. Files only?

I am running ownCloud using the official ownCloud docker images. I set up the new ownCloud Web interface which works OK, but only shows files. I was hoping I would be able to show calendar, contact and tasks links in the side bar. Is this even possible? If so how would I enable these options?

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The apps calendar, contacts and tasks can (must) be installed from the market. Or do I miss something?

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Yes, I have installed them, they are all working fine and have been for rather a long time. I can access them from the usual web interface, but having installed the new ownCloud Web UI it only shows the files app, not the other apps I have installed. I was just wondering how to get them to show up in the new UI, if this is even possible.


i had asked about calendar and contacts support in OCIS (for which to the best of my knowledge the new web interface is developed for) in ownCloud Infinite Scale and CalDAV (Calendars) / CardDAV (Contacts)? . If i had understood the reply there correctly there are no fixed plans for contacts and contacts support in OCIS which maybe is the reason why the new web interface doesn’t show the calendars and contacts.

Thank you. Given the responses you linked to I decided to move over to NextCloud. It’s so easy with Docker. I’m not prepared to be left wondering whether calendars and contacts would be supported in OCIS.

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