Owncloud weekly alerts - Specific day to send alerts out on?


we have an owncloud setup and currently have users syncing to it which works great, one thing we would like to know is rather than setting their email notification to be set to “weekly” and for them to be sent out a week after enabling, is there a way to specify that all updates, regardless of when it was applied will be sent out on say sunday evening as an example/?

any help will be appreciated


What kind of alerts are you talking about?

Within the personal section you can set to

daily, weekly or hourly updates on changes to files / folders etc etc

those alerts, I can only see the option to enable but can’t find anything that lets me specify a day they are all released on


OK, this is indeed a pure desktop client topic. Not my world. :grinning:

No worries, should I have posted this in another section?

It’s OK, its in a better category now.


if this is the personal section of your ownCloud server installation then i think the “Desktop Client” category is not the correct one. Maybe a moderator can move this to the right one.

If there is no such selection of the day then i think its just not possible to configure this.

IMHO ‘Desktop-Client’ category is perfect, the alerts come from the client.


i don’t think so. AFAIK the E-Mail notifications are coming from the server and @dunn2010 is probably referring to the “Weekly” in the personal settings here:

This is correct Tom, was wondering if there was any settings server side that can be modified to say weekly emails are sent out on sundays / Mondays etc?


i don’t think that there is such a setting available. But maybe i don’t know all available settings :slightly_smiling_face: so you could check the config.sample.php within your /config/ folder so see all available ones.

Thanks, ill give it a look over and let you know if I find anything