Owncloud will not allow file upload via web

Hi All,

We have started to use the web app for uploading as we have been using the desktop client and have noticed an issue where the system appears to be loading the file when using the web interface.

However, no files are loaded after logging out and back in.

Whats seems very strange is that by using the desktop client the files upload with no problem.

Is this a known issue or please could someone point me in the right direction to resolve?

We have upgraded the system to the latest version with the hope that the issue would be resolved but its still present.


Can you share related owncloud.log lines and browser console.log? So, that we may understand the problem.


maybe you can do a posting in https://central.owncloud.org/c/meta explaining why you have chosen the “Development” category with the following description:

Any discussion around anything related to the development around any of the ownCloud components. This could be discussions about features, technical requirements like supported PHP versions, new design ideas and so on.

for a problem which is more related to upload problems originating from the underlying operating system or web server configuration? I think this could help the ownCloud team to improve the forums category description so that the correct categories are chosen.