ownCloud - Windows and Docker


Hey guys,

Looking for some advice. I have installed Docker for Windows, and within Docker deployed ownCloud CE. As of right now I have configured my data as External Datasources via SMB.

In the settings for Docker I have specified that the drive should be shared with my containers, however agter that I am a little lost as to how to mount this in the container. (sorry new to Docker)

Would it be best to just leave the data as the External datasources as they are or should I be looking to have the mounted as local directories?



This is a docker question not an ownCloud question, isn’t it?


It is and it isnt. What is best to do cant really be answered by Docker


Best way to do what?

Best way to save local storage - external mounts.

Best way to keep files local - no external mounts.

ownCloud can handle both. You have to decide what you want, and what’s best for you.