Owncloud Windows Client - Restore file deleted

Hello !

just to be sure i understand well:

If i delete a file from the web access, i can restore it by using the trashbin.
If i delete a file from the windows client, i can’t restore it from the web access by using the trashbin.
Right or there is a problem in my configuration?

In the case of Dropbox, i can restore a file if i delete it from the Windows client, can i have the same situation with Owncloud?

My configuration :
Owncloud Server 10.2.1 on Debian 9

Thank you

Have you tried restoring a file from the Windows Trashbin? It should have been moved there if you delete something on your client.

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Hello no but it’s not exactly what i mean. Normally owncloud keep old version in the server, no?

Not if you delete the file.

Yeah, seems to be a problem specific to your instance. I just tested with oC server 10.3.0 and client 2.6.0 on macOS (VFS-mode) and folders deleted in Finder showed up in the web UI trashbin. Capture server and client debug logs, they should give you a hint:

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Is there the same thing with Windows? Anybody can confirm it? I activate the log but there is many information…


I am using server 10.3.1 and client 2.6.0 with windows 10 and if I delete there files or directorys on windows side I can see the deletet files in the webgui trashbin.



thanks Frank for confirmation ! Is there a possibilities it’s a simple fonction to activate? Or can you tell me what’s the line in the log where we can see the move to the trashbin to check it in my configuration? Thanks !


good news, i updated Owncloud to the last version and now it’s working perfectly :slight_smile:

Owncloud Server to 10.3.1

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