OwnCloud with Drobo & one folder

Hey guys,

New to the own cloud platform / app and have a few setup questions / issues.

I am setting up owncloud on a Drobo 810N. And I have the two seeing each other.

I’d like to have this run as much like drop box as possible.

On the desktop paltform ( on MAC ) I was able to get the owncloud system to go directly to a share on the Drobo. So basically routing to a Drobo share called “cloud”. So that when I drop something into the owncloud folder it appears in that share. Not further file structure / folders needed.

But I can’t seem to recreate on the IOS app.

I’d like it to also open to the Drobo share. Not a folder that contains the Drobo share.
So that to get to my root level files. I don’t have to click levels of folders on either device.

Can you advise?

Cheers !

Drobo integration is based on very outdated version, and I don’t have a Drobo myself, so I can’t really help.You could check if it works with https://demo.owncloud.org/ (user: test , pw: test)

Yea. It works I have it set up in a “basic” way. What I am confused about now is through the web platform when I set up a new user on owncloud. It works and lets me log in. But where / what folder is it using for storage on my server and how do I assign that?

For example I uploaded a test file at the new user. But when I search the server it’s not finding that file.

Let me know if this makes sense

I’d assume this is very specific to the Drobo implementation. No information in the Drobo docs?