OwnCloud with external NAS recommendations




I have a question about external storage. We have a Synology Rackstation and would like to have an ownCloud server sync to it. At the moment, the ownCloud server runs on the Synology Racksation, however, we are not happy with the way you are restricted with configuring it. Consequently we would like to have a dedicated Linux server for the ownCloud server, and have it access the vast NAS storage over the network.

We want as few trouble as possible and high maintainability. What protocol should we use to access the external storage?

The options seem to be:

  • Local with NFS (mounting the Rackstation shares with NFS on the ownCloud server)
  • Local with smb (mounting the Rackstation shares with SMB on the ownCloud server)
  • (S)FTP(S) (accessing the folders with ftp)
  • WebDAV (running WebDAV on the Rackstation)

I gravitate towards the first (NFS) solution, however I have never worked with WebDAV before.

What would you recommend?


If you can mount it directly on the file system, the advantage is that you can directly use it as data-directory. The enterprise version can directly mount external storage as user home, but that's not supported in the community version.