Owncloud with ISPConfig

Hi All

I currently have ownCloud 9 on an Ubuntu 14.04 server, which also runs ISPConfig. The ownCloud installation is in /owncloud in the Apache root directory.
I am now building a new server using Ubuntu 18.04, also running ISPConfig, and my question is:
Is there any way in which I can run ownCloud 10 in one of the Apache virtual hosts, created by ISPConfig, rather than running it in the Apache root?
I tried this with ownCloud 9 on the old server but it did not work very well at all, and I had to revert to running it the Apache root.

Does anyone have any experience at doing this??

I hope you can help.
Regards, Alan.


i don’t see any reason why ownCloud shouldn’t run at any other virtual host then the default one.