OwnCloudX skipped setup page

Steps to reproduce

  1. Download dietpi onto a raspberry pi 2
  2. install owncloud
  3. go to (ip_adress_of_pi)/owncloud

Expected behaviour

the setup page appears on the first visit

Actual behaviour

it goes to the login page instead

Please note that this is my first time setting up a server so I may not be able to get all of the information

I followed these instructions:

This is not the recommend way to set up ownCloud. I don't know what dietpi does.

Please refer to the official documentation:


This has all the information you need. I had the same problem.


There are many ways to setup ownCloud, the supported way is documented in our documentation.

Now you come along and tell me that you find a way that did not work for you.

You should look in our documentation and find out what is missing on your site, not the other way around :slight_smile:

It works, and I am running a perfectly good server- no problem with it, you just need to check all of the dietpi specific documentation. The owncloud Server is part of the optimized software list for dietpi, so it works very well- they just do the creation of an admin for you instead of you having to go through the setup yourself- the owncloud base directory is also in a very convenient location.

Dietpi is pretty much a Jessie alternative that makes downloading software more streamlined

ah, so your post was an answer for the author, not me. got it