Ownclound Client and local encryption

Hi all,

I'm use a encryption software to protect my data on my laptop (only folders, not the full disk) and I want to use OC Windows Client to sync some of this data in their uncrypted state. How can I be sure that the owncloud windows client wait for the local folder is open (by the encryption software) before start to sync ?


Hi @ymolinet!

I've already seen many people reporting to be using local encryption, it's definitely a hot topic for people interested in data safety. Just out of curiosity, which encryption software are you using?

The desktop client team is working right now in a fix that might help you if you use a system based on unencrypted mounting points (e.g. VeraCrypt):

After this is implemented, once you have your local folder (drive) unlocked by the enc. software, the client will start syncing again. How does that sound?


What is the impact if I try to crypt the root folder of the data sync (root folder contains the db files) ? When running, the owncloud client could not open the files (db) because it's crypted so sync could not start ?

There is already a pull request linked to this issue. Not sure if it is worth testing it.

@ymolinet Do you also want to test the nightly? https://github.com/owncloud/client/issues/5317#issuecomment-270630864