Ownloud much slower after upgrade from 8 to 10

I know this question as come up before but I am still stuck. This weekend I upgraded from owncloud 8 to 10. (I did screw up the upgrade so I ended up doing a clean install, re-creating the config, and then using occ to scan the files. Myself and several other people have noticed that the performance has got worse. Logging in as admin seems quick. If I login as myself (which is an LDAP account) the login takes about 15-20 seconds. Browsing and sharing files seems much slower as well and the iphone app is effectively unusable.

In the ldap config, under groups I can click “verify settings and count groups” and get a count of the number of ldap groups. The ldap search filter is “(&(|(objectclass=posixGroup))).” For users , if I click “verify settings and count users” it shows 0 users found. The ldap search filter is “(objectclass=*).”


top - 20:34:01 up 2 days, 5:05, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.02, 0.05
Tasks: 200 total, 1 running, 199 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie
%Cpu(s): 0.5 us, 0.1 sy, 0.0 ni, 99.4 id, 0.0 wa, 0.0 hi, 0.0 si, 0.0 st
KiB Mem : 3869944 total, 172596 free, 439280 used, 3258068 buff/cache
KiB Swap: 4063228 total, 3991548 free, 71680 used. 2991084 avail Mem

free -h

          total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available

Mem: 3.7G 481M 117M 8.4M 3.1G 2.8G
Swap: 3.9G 70M 3.8G

My files folder has 167GB of data. One of the other users reporting problems has 22 GB worth of data.

Appreciate any help.

Did you upgrade to ownCloud Version 10.2.1?

I believe so. I used the yum repos so should have been the latest available.

“verify settings and count groups” and “verify settings and count users” functions are both working. I also refined the search paths to specify ou=people,o=mycompany and ou=groups,o=my company instead o=mycompany.

I can share folder with users and also notify users that the folder is available. If I share with a group, members of that group do NOT get access. If I notify the group when sharing a folder, I get a message that e-mail could not be sent to the members of that group - and it does show the group members so it clearly extracting the group list from the group.

@voyager45 Well, I assume you’re right. I did a similar observation when I upgraded from 8 to 9 a few years ago. I didn’t measure anything, it just felt significant slower. However, I think nowadays ownCloud is much smarter and does much more interior jobs as 8.x did.


maybe it’s just me but i can’t find a relation between the initial posting about “owncloud much slower” and the text about some LDAP configuration later?

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I am not sure if LDAP is directly related to this issue. It seems a little odd that owncloud LDAP logins did get slower with the upgrade. But LDAP logins are working. There is only one local user (the administrator.) The local administrator account doesn’t have many files but it does seem like sharing out files is faster for the local administrator than for LDAP users (even if sharing to LDAP users.)

There seems to be an LDAP caching issue. I copied a 96GB folder to the local admin users, and browsing/sharing seems quite fast.

ldap caching is enabled with default of 600 sec (10 min)

The “occ user:list” command takes about 1 sec to return 120 users. The “occ group:list” command waits for about 15 seconds until it returns the list of groups . There are 30 groups.

Packet capture does not see LDAP traffic on “occ user:list.” It does show traffic with “occ group:list.” The ldapsearch takes about 15 seconds to retrieve users or groups which again points to LDAP cache being a factor. I enabled APCu and redis caching but didn’t help (although not sure how to verify APCu and redis is working.)

Did you already checked the connection to the LDAP server with other tools? Is the connection fast enough?

I used the ldapsearch command from the command line. It took about 15 seconds. Which does seem slower than it should be. However the LDAP server has not changed and this was not a problem with Owncloud 8. Which is why I suspect groups are not being cached. Owncloud LDAP caching should allow owncloud to function even if the LDAP server is briefly offline as well as compensate for a slow LDAP server.

On the ldap server itself “ldapsearch -vvv -h ldap.mycompany.com…” took about 7 seconds to initialize the connection then 7 seconds to display data. However “ldapsearch -vvv -h localhost…” or "ldapsearch -vvv -h ip_address … " was much faster. It looked like the delay was with setting up the connection. The /etc/hosts file did NOT have an entry for the its self. I added “ipaddress ldap.mycompany.com ldap” to /etc/hosts which fixed the ldap search time.

On the owncloud server I added host entries to /etc/hosts for
ipaddress owncloud.mycompany.com owncloud
ipaddress ldap.mycompany.com ldap

ldapsearch and “occ group:list” were much faster. And the slow file and folder browsing via the web interface also seems to have been resolved.


I have noticed that before. For example if you change your hostname and don’t add the new hostname to the ‘/etc/hosts’ file, I’ve had it happen that every sudo command takes ages, and I think that was on Ubuntu.
Not sure why they need to resolve their own hostname in order to run sudo, almost seems like a bug to me.

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You should check how the system is resolving the names. Usually, the system should check the local “/etc/hosts” file first and then the dns or other services.
In any case, it seems the problem isn’t caused by ownCloud.

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For example, on Debian/Ubuntu you can check /etc/nsswitch.conf, more information here.

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