Packages are being rebuilt, GPG key updates


All packages from all repositories (Deb, RPM) are currently being rebuilt so they get signed with new GPG keys.

Please report any problems in this thread or filling a github issue.



This should finally fix
Thank you Cristian!


So when may we expect the new keys? Because I still cant get the updates to work. Now I have to rely on openSuse repo.

I think you may just have to change repositories, you might be using an old one.
I don’t think replying to a 4 year old topic is in any way productive to getting it working again.
I would recommend you open a new topic in the Desktop category.

ownCloud is using the opensuse build service to provide repositories for the owncloud-client. You have to explain in more detail what exactly is not working in your setup in order for anyone to be able to help you.

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You are right. Will open a new topic. Read the post as from Oct this year for some reason…


We’ve moved the repo to the public openSUSE Build Service.
I hope that finally closes this “never-ending” story!

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