Page loading Error message



Can anyone tell me - is this error message from OC or the web browser.

This message started this morning after I setup OC last night and it was working with no errors.



This looks like a browser error. A kind of time out? What are the message in the log of the server (the log file of OC is in the data directory)?
Can you access the administration page?
Did you try with another browser or from another computer?
Do you have files in your owncloud directory?


I have tried various browsers with/without a cleared cache.
I do not use OC to store files, just calendar and contacts.
I can access the log in the Admin panel.

When this error occured I looked at the log and there appeared to be a number of database errors.
So I decided to try a clean install of V9.1.3 and ran in to the same problems.
The package installed and the database was created with the user 'admin' inserted.

However the index page still has the page load errors and this is what I found in the log file after the installation.

So I am at a loss now.


I am not a specialist, but it seems you have problems with the Mysql server. The database has not been created correctly and the server is down.
Did you install phpMyadmin? It might be easier to manage the db using this interface rather than on command lines.


In trying to obtain assistance from the technical staff at my hosting service I have met with a rather indignant attitude of - file sharing services are prohibited on our service so we cannot/will not assist.

So I am going to move the installation elsewhere and see how I get on.

I'll be back, with a new thread, if I still have issues.