"path" in oc_filecache


Could you explain why in oc_filecache, "path" like this "files/test.txt" or like "username/files/test.xt" ?

How to set like "username/files/test.txt" ?

Hello, anyidea for why ?

Hello, i really need an answer please

Hm, I don't think we understand what you are trying to do. Please ellaborate.

Hello @hodyroff,if you take a look in oc_filecache table , you can see , if you have several users , the 'path' field in two state : path without username and path with username .

How do you explain that ?

yes, some are owned and some are shared with the user therefor they need to include the username, or? But I am not sure what you are trying to do based on that information.

Hello, thanks for your answer. I create a trigger for register all deletion in oc_filecache . The field path is in this table . On my server , i see the path without username whereas the files is not shared.

please ignore the ones with the username in them, they might be old wrong entries.

The correct ones start with "files/" without user name.

Hello. Thanks for your clear answer.