PDF Viewer in Web not displaying content

I already posted that issue in GitHub over files_pdfviewer, but I’m not getting any answer, so maybe files_pdfviewer on GitHub is not longer maintain. I don’t know. I’m trying here to see.

Version: Owncloud 9.1
Missing information on PDF when using the PdfViewer.

The first picture is from a PDF opened in AdobeReader. The second picture is in the PDF Viewer in Owncloud.

You can see in the second picture, the color is not the same and missing info (letter).

The issue is not present on Safari, IE, Firefox, MAC/PC.
The issue is related with Chrome only, Mac and PC, and when the PDF is using Symbol Layer in Illustrator. As soon as we unlink Symbol Layer and generate a new PDF, the second picture with missing information is now printing the text?

Is it possible to get Symbol Layer working in Chrome. It works in IE, Fifefox, Safari but not Chrome, one of the most use browser.


Link to your report on Github ?

The PDF viewer app simply uses the pdfjs library and that one will be updated in 10.0, so there is a chance that the problem will be resolved there.

When searching on the pdfjs issue tracker for chrome there seems to be a lot of issues with chrome: https://github.com/mozilla/pdf.js/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=chrome&type=Issues

Still might be needed to create a new bugreport there.

But it seems also only to 1.4.20 released one year ago where the latest stable release is 1.6.210 from October 2016: https://github.com/mozilla/pdf.js/releases/tag/v1.6.210

Here is the GitHub link.

I replace the pdf.js version 1.4.20 with the version 1.6.210 and we are getting the same issue. No fixed in the new version. It looks like the pdf.js is having some trouble with Symbol Layer used in Illustrator.

We also found an another issue but we have only one case for the moment. The second issue is related to MASK item in Illustrator. In Firefox, the MASK is not displayed correctly, but that time, in Chrome, it is working well. Look at the orange Circle in Firefox. In Firefox, it should be displayed like Chrome is doing.

We can try to give you some PDF in trouble for testing.



in this case this is not needed. If you're using the latest pdf.js please report this directly to the pdf.js project as explained above:

Thanks, I understand.

Files_PdfViewer is using the pdf.js from the Mozilla development and this is not the GitHub project files_pdfviewer who did the pdf.js.

My case is now opened with mozilla/pdf.js.



Seems both issues are already picked up upstream and triaged to be Firefox and Chrome issues. Here is the reference: