PDF Viewer: Saved values not visible in printout

Configurations tested:

  • Web browser and its version: Edge, Chrome Version 99.0.4844.84, Firefox 90.0.2
  • Operating system and its version: Windows 10, 21H2
  • PDF Viewer version: 1.0.1
  • PDF.js version: 2.10.x

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Use OpenOffice to create document with form fields
  2. Type information in the fields
  3. Save as PDF
  4. Open the file with PDF Viewer (v1.0.1), the text in each text field is visible
  5. Type something in an empty form field
  6. Print the form, compare the output for previously saved text fields and newly adjusted
  7. Save the form with changed data
  8. Repreat the procedure for step 4. to 7. and observe any difference

What is the expected behavior?
The values in the form field should be visible in the printout

What went wrong?
The included version doesn’t show the form field values

Open the file in the browser that use a current version of PDF.js and it show the saved form values/data as expeted during print preview.

Update the included version of PDF.js to the current version.

Hi jan-erik,

while I think your report is good input I’m afraid developers won’t notice it here.

I guess opening tickets at Issues · owncloud/files_pdfviewer · GitHub instead will at least reach the files_pdfviewer app developers.

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Thank you,
I’ve added both my problems there now, though the report template is missing.


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