Performance of S3 as external and primary

  1. Is there any variation between the performance of S3 as primary and S3 as external ?

  2. Why S3 as primary is chargeable and only available in enterprise?

  3. Is there any drawback if i used S3 as external to all the file transaction inside s3 external storage ?

this was answered by @skriesch in another post, wasn't it?

S3 - external versus internal

1) But I have to say, it is logic that internal storage has got better performance than external. Data have to go a longer way with an external storage.

2) Enterprise customers receive additional support. We want to have working ownCloud systems. You need some knowledge about s3, if you want to have it as primary.

3) What do you mean with this question? You can copy/ import data from one storage to another one. The same is with different S3 storages. Is that the solution?

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Surely it isn’t internal storage? According to this article linked in the article you shared above, it is mounted as any other S3 bucket would be? ( - Isn’t the only difference that the meta data and structure is stored in the database so it expects exclusive access i.e. it will not update if other data is added in there?

Your reason for only allowing the feature to enterprise customers is nonsensical. It sounds like you just want to charge for the advanced features… which is fine, but if that’s the case just say it?

This has changed with this app:
S3 is not anymore an enteprise only feature. We changed that, when we removed the support for the Swift protocol.

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