Permission error after upgrade

Hi Owncloud Team,

i have a stange permission error: I am running a stable oc server 10.0.3 and trying to upgrade. This problem happend now during all releases until 10.0.9 and i am still on 10.0.3 because i cannot upgrade without the error.

I disabled all apps and market before the upgrade. After the upgrade i am able to upload files (browser and android app), evrthing fine…

After enabling the apps again (market, gallery,etc) and doing the updates, i get a permission error on the android device on uploading (no permission to write in this folder) and i also cannot upload in the browser (no warning or notification at all, the progress indicator is running through, but no new file coming up after refresh).

This is not a directory permission problem!

Where could be the cause?

Thanks for help!


How did you upgrade?

I did a manual upgrade as usual. After all i found out the reason for the error. The Antivirus App is causing the error. I deactivated it and everything works fine.
Does anybody know the reason why the anti-virus app causes a permission error on uploads?


Maybe you can check if you have the latest version 0.13.0 of that app ( after you have updated to ownCloud 10.0.9?

Could it be also possible that you have not configured the antivirus app correctly and this just worked out of luck and newer versions of ownCloud are just stricter?