Permissions issue on external drive - is this normal?

Hi. I’m using the latest version of OwnCloud installed using docker-compose on NixOS. I’ve set it up on an external USB drive mounted in my home directory and everything works perfectly - I can connect, sync between multiple devices, web/client, upload, read/write etc. But … when I try to access the ‘files’ directory I get ‘permission denied’ and can only do it as root. This is fine but when I try to backup the directory (I’m using iDrive as a bucket) it doesn’t work because of the permissions for the directory (which are 33:root). I’ve tried changing the permissions to myname:myname or 1000:1000 but this just kills my connection and throws a server error. The 33:root setting gets regenerated at every ‘docker-compose up -d’. Is this all normal behaviour or is there something I can do to get around this?

Thanks a lot.

User access is intended to occur via the ownCloud client or WebDAV. You should not be accessing the ownCloud server file storage via the filesystem as a standard user.

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Thanks a lot. This is really useful info. Glad to know I haven’t set anything up wrong!

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