Photo workflow setup for OC on iOS

Hi all,
I originally used the owncloud photo backup with iOS but stopped because the E2E process was missing.

There is no iOS photo app that I know of that can connect to remote OC webdav (or integrate seamlessly with the OC iOS app). by “app” I mean fully-fledged standalone not an OC app.

I am currently using qumagie (with qnap NAS) which also does IR on server, but it’s quite clunky and does not have a macOS app.

do you know of any alternatives?

I heard good things about

Thanks but that looks like a syncing app.
I don’t need to sync, that part is covered… I need to read from OC via webdav (not necessarily downloading all remote hi def images, and most of all keeping image and face recognition tags) and to edit photos in the same client app.