PHP Cache and MySQL problems with Owncloud



Hello everybody,

I'm totally new to Owncloud and have some issues concerning the proper installation of the software. I tried to solve my problems using Google and different communities but nevertheless couldn't manage to get the right information.

I'm running Owncloud 9.1.1 on a MAMP Server 4.0.4 currently using PHP Version 7.0.10 (switchable to 5.6.25) and MySQL 5.6.28. All is installed on a MacMini with OS X El Capitan 10.11.6.

All programs (except of OS X) are freshly installed and not updated.

Owncloud says that theres is no PHP Cache installed and that it is using SQLite and that I should switch to MySQL for a better performance.

MAMP offers the possibility to switch the PHP Cache to APC or OPcache.

Regarding to some How-Tos and what I found on Google I should better use APCu for this PHP-Version but as mentioned this option is not available on MAMP.

Can somebody help and tell me how I am able to switch from SQLite to MySQL and set up the right PHP Cache for Owncloud.

I'm pretty sure there is a solution somewhere on the Internet but unfortunately I couldn't find out where.

Thanks for all your help in advance.





please create a new thread for each of your question for the reason explained here:

Make also sure that you have read the oC docs at before creating the new threads as both questions are explained there.