PHP issue updating to ownCloud 10.0.6 / service provider STATO

Hello owncloud user (and thanks the developer!). I use owncloud on the german service provider STRATO. To sync my calendar, my contacts and so on.

I updated my owncloud to version 10.0.6. Procedure: I allways place the new version on the server, my data to and replace the config.php.

But then I got an error message: PHP module is not installed or any other reason.

I solved the problem: it was an issue with the php version. Owncloud 10.0.6 seems not to work with php 7.1. So I change the running version to php 7.2.1 - and Ownclud works now fine again.
Maybe that helps somebody. It tooks me a few hours to ponder.

ownCloud 10.0.x supports php 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1 - 7.2 is in tech preview since 10.0.6

If you had issues with php 7.0 it is due to a missing module as the error message suggested.

Usually installing the missing module and restarting the web server is enough.

Thanks for your quick reply. I have uploaded my Owncloud to the webspace of the german provider STRATO. I can not change anything. But after switching the PHP version to the latest version, owncloud ran again.

So you where lucky that the other php version has the missing module.

Do you remember which one it was?

Now I have php version 7.2.1. - The not working version was a 7.1 one. In the user admin of STRATO you can choose between 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2.

Das fehlenden war PHP 5.6 Modul: php intl

Thank you very much. For your german reply to! But I am not the administrator of the webspace. I use this provider STRATO only. - But the solution -> to change php to 7.2 <- works and is okay for me.

No I was happy that the new php version works with owncloud. I am now on ownCloud 10.0.9 (stable) with no problems.

Hey @dmitry @fl1tz,

this looks to me to one of those spambots posting a very vague question / statement and then coming back a few days later to circumvent the limitation of the forums to post spam links like seen above.

Please, I answer only to the posts here. I solved my problem by switching to newer php version. I love owncloud and I was able to update to the new version 2 days ago without any problems. - It’s a comparatively old post. Please look at the date.I am now on 10.0.10.

I think @tom42 was refering to the user @HB00, right?

If so, yeah, I noticed that behavior, not sure how to prevent this, other than delete those spammers.


in this case i was referring to a post of a spam bot in this thread you both (@dmitry and @fl1tz) answered which got already deleted in the meantime. Just to name an example, this happened today in the following thread as well: Internal Server Error New User Can't login

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Yeah, just saw that post, and deleted it :smiley:

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Also, I don’t know how to prevent that behavior. As you mentioned this is a circumvention of the anti spam mechanism.


thanks for deleting this post. I don’t think there is that much what could be done here besides reporting the spam from user side to get it deleted by a moderator.