PHP version issue


We are running ownCloud on centos 7 and php 5.6 server. Recently, we changed the data directory. After changing data directory, files were not appearing in user’s folder we are required to run occ files:scan.

Since occ requires 7.0.7 I had upgrade the PHP version as described here …

After upgrading PHP version, server shows php version as 7.0 but I cannot run occ file scan as it still tell that you are running php 5.6

Please advise.



i think you need to tell your system that it should run php scripts like occ on the command line with the same PHP 7.0 version like it is doing for the web server.

There are various topics around this available, i found e.g. the following which could help you to correctly configure your environment:

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You may want to take a looka at the below URL

These steps includes details on upgrading php for owncloud. I believe this is what you are looking for :slight_smile:



Actually , I did recently moved the data directory and was able to successfully complete it using the below URL :slight_smile:

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