Pick before sync?

I'm using the Windows desktop tool to set up a Folder Sync Connection. My desired local root folder has about 50 subfolders, only a handful of which I would like to sync. My problem comes when I've finished setting up the new connection and the tool immediately starts syncing every folder in the root without giving me the chance to chose.

Is this by design or is there a trick to fix me up?

Thank you for any information and I appreciate the help!

You could pause the sync process, then make your selection and activate the sync process again.

Thank you tflidd but it doesn't pull the whole folder list before it starts syncing the folder contents. What I'm going to try today, even though it's a kluge, is to set up a dummy root folder with a dummy set of folders underneath. Then I'll set up a connection to that set of folders, set up the includes and excludes and then either rename dummy out of the way and rename the actual or just move the actual contents into the dummy folder set.

Again thank you very much for responding. Very much appreciated.

Well I've got it now and it pretty much makes this application unusable. If I have a directory on my pc that I want to sync but it has some subfolders I don't want to sync you can't exclude them. If you try it deletes the files on your local drive. Unacceptable.

IIRC there is a feature request available to change this behavior available at the bugtracker:


I wasn't able to find it with a short search but you might have more luck. If you can find it you can see if anything was done to implement this.

You can only do it the other way, that you have folders online that you don't sync. The idea is that you have a local folder where you find all sync data.

If it's not too many, you could pick the subfolders one by one, instead of syncing all of /*
If this doesn't work, then yes your specific scenario is not possible.

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