Playing all types of video files in all browsers


I am currently testing v9.1.4 with Video player 0.9.8 activated.
I can perfectly play mp4 but for :
- wmv, vob : files are downloaded and opened with the default player vlc media player, but it does not have any interest to me because I would like the users to play their video online (intranet) and not having a copy of the video on their disk.
- flv : owncloud does not support this format and does not even propose to open vlc.

I would like the behaviour (read in owncloud) for Firefox, Chrome and IE at least.

Is there any app that can do that ? Or options I could parametrize ?

Thank you very much for your answers.


Generally, any JS library you can find which does this can be used. Video is using video.js and can play whatever is available there ... in the next version video streaming will also come to iOS and Android.

Thanks for your answer, video.js is already integrated in the video player with the version 9.1.4 and there is nothing to configure the app so I do not understand why it does not play all my videos in the browser.

Most likely because there is no support for this formats (either in video.js or in the ownCloud app).

Supposedly video.js is even somewhat agnostic to file formats, which means the handling seems to happen somewhere else. I fear you need to dig around a bit. MP4 was till now sufficient for customers who work with this.
Please report back, then we all know and can share the knowledge further.

Yes, seems thats true:

Q: What media formats does video.js support?

This depends on the formats supported by the browser's HTML5 video element, and the playback techs/plugins made available to video.js. For more information on media formats see the troubleshooting guide.



Please let me/us know when you are making progress with this.

We came up with this solution, which seems to work for now :
- install Kodi on all your clients and add the webdav url for video sources and define kodi as default player
- desactivate the video player in onwcloud

When I click now on a video in onwcloud, it asks to open kodi (open, not save), and the video is charged within kodi in streaming, so no upload. and all kinds of videos can be played. not within owncloud but the behavior is the same for ALL the video types which is great :slight_smile:

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