Please add alias login

I’m working with OwnCloud 10.0.7. Checked the web, but there seems to be no opportunity to login to owncloud with an alias, like user’s email address. It was in discussion years ago, as far as I saw. Did you give up? I still would appreciate this feature very much. Steffen.

On my oC I can login by username or by email address. But no further aliases. Without LDAP.

Logging in by email when using database backend should already work.

With LDAP it is possible to specify more LDAP attributes for aliases.

Hi Steffen,

if you use LDAP for user management you can login with Email and Username.


as a side note i would ASAP update to the recent 10.0.9 or even wait for the upcoming 10.0.10 to get the latest and greatest updates/features and bugfixes.

Thank you guys. Then it seems my issue is due to the fact that I still use sqlite and not mysql database. I was trying to avoid mysql, because my oc installation is for private use only and small size, AND because it’s much easier to upgrade with sqlite (for me, up to now). But thanks. I’ll take that into consideration. Steffen.