*PLEASE* help me get current without having to start over!


Welp… Looks like I no longer have a choice and I’m taking my 5th crack at upgrading this server.

Started: Ubuntu 14.04 w/PHP5 and OC 8.0.2

I apparently have been able to upgrade to 8.1.12, then to 8.2.11. However, now I have 1000’s and 1000’s of log entries similar to the following in my owncloud.log:

{“reqId”:“jIU3KDbjPsd21RGQCAQ4”,“remoteAddr”:“96.X.X.X”,“app”:“PHP”,“message”:“filemtime(): stat failed for /media/owncloud01//jebus/cache/BLAHBLAHBLAH.BLAH-chunking-4033768869-20 at /var/www/html/owncloud/lib/private/files/storage/local.php#159”,“level”:3,“time”:“2018-11-14T02:01:35+00:00”}

These cache files don’t exist… but it’s still rolling through them. Is this normal? Provided it’s not critical and will self-correct… what are my next, SAFEST, steps to get to Ubuntu 16.04 w/PHP 7.2 and current OC 10?

Migrate and upgrade OwnCloud 9.0.11 to OwnCloud 10
Proper order to upgrade Owncloud 9/Ubuntu 14 to latest version of 10/16

My log file is still growing with many 1000’s of these entries. Should I perhaps be using a maintenance command such as:

files:cleanup Deletes orphaned file cache entries.



Do you have many users + many shares on this server?


No. Just friends and family… all told, about a TB of data, but the latency on the underlying disk I think played a factor.

It finally stopped logging these errors/events earlier this morning… and everything became responsive again. Everything appears healthy… so I’m tentatively at version 8.2.11-1 and stable (so far)… Our desktop clients sync and indicate they are healthy… and files can update without issue, so now I guess my next big steps are getting my underlying OS up to something that is supported (14.04 to 16.04)… and dealing with getting the underlying PHP subsystem upgraded. This has been where things have fallen apart for me previously.

I’m really hoping someone could recommend a path to get to OC10 from where I’m at. Should I first try to get PHP 7.2 installed and functional with 8.2.11-1… or is that even possible?


Why don’t you just backup your data ( it’s just 1 TB?) install a new oC server from scratch on a 18.04 Ubuntu with PHP 7.2 shipped and restore the data there?

You would lose just the shares, but if you only have family and friends this should be not a big problem. You would also create the user accounts again.

The route from 8.2 to 10 should be straight forward and easy, but nothing is cleaner that a fresh start :slight_smile:


I appreciate what you are trying to tell me, but I really don’t want to have to spin up another VM at my hosting location and re-upload data (or even move it laterally). At that point, I may as well move to another solution…

You state that “The route from 8.2 to 10 should be straightforward and easy”… Will 8.2 run on PHP 7.2?


I don’t know if 8.2 will run 7.2 but I doubt it.


Well, later I’m going to snapshot the VM and discrete disks and investigation another intermediate upgrade (9.0.11?). Perhaps there is an intermediate step where I can easily upgrade PHP versions… or someone else who has upgraded could provide some advice? (I mean surely there are people who have upgraded as opposed to starting fresh).


PHP 7.2 support was added in 10.0.10
PHP 7.0 support was added in 10.0.0
PHP 5.3 was dropped for 8.0 (PHP 5.4 or better required)

Owncloud 8.2 upgrade 9.0.11 ubuntu 14.5 lts

I appear to have a functional OwnCloud installation on Ubuntu 14.04 and PHP 7.0 at the moment.

Next step is to attempt to upgrade the underlying OS to 16.04


Was finally able to also get the underlying OS to 16.04.

Upgrade to OC 10.0.10 was apparently successful. However, the mobile app on my Android would then crash. Tried deleting and re-adding account, nope. Needed to completely uninstall and reinstall the Android app.