Please tell me how can I set on my OWNCloud to sync all data directly on my network or IP



The cloud is setup as follows:

Data store is a Network NAS drive located on the network with my IP. In this data store, there are all the user account directories of folders with all their files. The network drive to be mapped to the cloud server as the data store, instead all files are now being stored on the local server drive – the login of any account still shows the allocated files per account but the files themselves are not in the local data store they are on the network store as above.

I need this network store mapped correctly so that i can access the files and upload new ones to the network drive and not the local drive,

So how can i do on OWN Cloud server and one more thing how can i check path location for where all data storage on network drive


Hi vaibhavbhatu,

you may want to have a look at your config/config.php file. The datadirectory parameter will tell you where user files are stored. Newly uploaded files will also be stored there. More info:

Also, if required, starting with ownCloud 10 it is possible to move your data directory from its current location to somewhere else:


Hello pako87,

Thank for your information

Can you tell me one more thing, own Cloud only needs correct mapping to the media store, So how can i do this ?


Hi vaibhavbhatu,

I guess with "media store" you are referring to your Data store which is located on a NAS drive, so basically what is going to be used as the ownCloud primary storage. Correct ?

This is done at the Installation Wizard: