Populating group membership manually and automatically

Using on a redhat 7.4 machine. Users are set up to authenticate via local ldap server. This works well. Groups are defined as posixGroup and they are found properly.

Using this command:
./occ group:list
all groups are enumerated as expected.

Using this command:
./occ user:list
shows all users who have ever logged in to owncloud. I presume that this information
comes from the owncloud database and users who haven’t logged in are just not present.

Using this command:
./occ group:list-members <group_of_interest>
shows the members of each group. Some users seem to properly be included in all
the groups that they are members of on the ldap side. Others, have only a subset of
members shown in the owncloud system.

Using this command:
./occ group:add-member -m <group_of_interest>
User " " added to group “<group_of_interest>”

Despite the system response indicating an apparently successful operation,
subsequent commands such as group:list-members indicates that the user
has not been added to the group. No log entries.


is there a reason you are not using the latest Version of ownCloud?

What you experience might be a bug that have bin fixed.

Also, why are you putting your LDAP users in local groups? If your goal is to assign storage to them, you can do this also with LDAP groups.

No good reason to not get the latest release. Just unreasoned fear of breaking something.

I’m not consciously putting LDAP users into local groups. I thought their currently defined LDAP groups would do the trick.

Actually, stay tuned. I just looked more carefully in the ldap information and the problem might be there.

The current oC version is pretty stable. 10.0.2 is pretty fresh after the 10.0.0. I would upgrade.

I have verified that the problem was with our ldap database. Some users weren’t properly entered. I still don’t understand the apparent no-op effect of a group:add-member.