Possible Azure Blob Storage

Hi Guys,

So I’ve been looking for a way to get cheap storage as 4TB in Azure Virtual Machine Disks is a rip off, I’ve been reading into things and saw an Ubuntu app called Blobfuse which basically creates virtual disks from my Storage Blobs container, would this be possible to use as a root for user’s profiles such as files and stuff? If so then this is a cheap way to get storage for users and I only have to pay for how much they are using.

I’d like to know if this is OK to be used and won’t encounter any issues.


Do you guys think this will work correctly and will not show any limits?

Anyone? I just want to know if you think this will have limitations or even possibly break ownCloud?

Anyone? Help please…

Well … looks like nobody know anything. Give it a try if you like and see how far you get with it.

From a pure technical pov: the storage is accessible on the web server just like any other mounted storage - right?

If so I’d expect this to work.

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Thank you for the reply, I’ll give it a try and let you know.