Possible to empty filecache before upgrade?

I'm running owncloud on a rpi - that is, a very slow server. All of owncloud's database tables are less than 30MB large, but for oc_filecache, which is 1,5GB. Currently the migration test seems to be working on testing this table, it created a copy oc_oc_filecache_randomcharacters and this copy is growing at about 1MB per minute.

So I wonder: wouldn't it be faster to somehow empty this cache before the upgrade and regenrate it afterwards? Is this possible? Or should I just wait a couple of days until the upgrade is finished?

1,5 GB is very large, how many files do you store in your ownCloud? Just to give you a number, 100 000 files can be about 60 MB.

Which version of ownCloud do you use? Encryption app?

Just cleaning the cache is not a very good idea, you will lose all shares and other information. However, you can start a re-index of files (will add missing files and remove unvalid entries):
sudo -u www-data php /var/www/owncloud/occ files:scan --all

Your numbers sound plausible, there are probably a couple million files in an external storage I use. Counting them just now to check whether my guess is right (this also takes a long time because of slow rpi).

I'm upgrading to the latest owncloud from owncloud's Debian repo and don't use the encryption app, no (thank god - i wouldn't trust it not to lose my data).

Edit: So, yes, around 2,6 million files.

Impressive, your poor little rpi :smile:

If you update, you can skip migration tests. They take a long time, especially copying large dbs (and even more on a rpi):
Just don't forget to make a full backup before.

x2, that's impressive, I would have never thought such a low powered machine could deliver an acceptable level of performance for hosting millions of files.

Well. performance is not great, but it doesn't degrade too much as the number of files grows.

It's mostly limited by USB 2.0 speeds, all I/O is hooked up to a single port on the SoC... so reading from the USB disk and sending the data out over Ethernet already halves the possible bandwidth from 480Mb/s to 240Mb/s which is 30MB/s. This is the theoretical maximum, in practice I get less.

But it's enough as long as I don't do massive syncing operations - most of the files are available over the web interface (which works fairly fluently) if I need them, I'm only syncing some selected subfolders to a couple of clients.

The calendar and the mail client are actually the things which don't perform well, not the files. And I think that's due to lack of optimizations and will hopefully improve.

The upgrade finished successfully by the way. :slight_smile: (including migration tests, by the time I had asked here they were so far progressed that I didn't abort them)

Yeah USB 2.0 in perfect ideal conditions only delivers ~50% of its theoretical maximum, due to protocol overhead and other inherent inefficiencies of USB. Cutting that in half again for a shared interface, I'd expect no more than ~16 MB/s out of it. Still impressive that such a small machine can run this stuff!