Preliminary questions to see if ownCloud suits my needs

I am looking to use ownCloud as a home media / file server, but I have some questions I can’t seem to resolve on my own.

  1. What video codecs does ownCloud support for in-browser video playback?
  2. In a docker deployment, can I use a data directory on my host OS via a mounted folder? If so, how could I set that up?

Thanks so much!

MP4 as far as I know. You need the Video Player App for that.

You can. We are using this in the current Appliance. How you could do that you would figure out on your own, since it’s an docker question, not an ownCloud one. However - here is our doc on changing the data directory from the default location:


i put the word “video” in the search field on and found this:

Please note, video streaming by the native ownCloud video player depends on your Web browser and the video’s format.

If your ownCloud administrator has enabled video streaming, and it doesn’t work in your Web browser, it may be a browser-related issue. See for supported multimedia formats in Web browsers.