Prevent group to receive shares


Can I prevent a specific group to receive shares?
Use case:
group-of-doctors (3 members)
group-of-patients (100+ members in the near future)

patients are uploading sensitive medical documents that should be shared to ‘group-of-doctors’ but not to ‘group-of-patients’.

Is this possible? The ‘Exclude groups from sharing’ option prevents ‘group-of-patients’ to share anything to any other person or group.

In short: is it possible to exclude a group from receiving any kind of shares?

OC v10.2.1 (stable) on Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS


There is a “group sharing blacklist” in the sharing section that should fit for your needs: you won’t be able to share with those groups, but with each member individually.

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Almost good.
Still people will be able to share their stuff with others individually.
Probably disabling “username autocompletion” and enabling “restrict enumeration of group members” with strong random patient names brings me a bit closer…