Prevent the creation of default files in new users


Hi everyone, is it possible to prevent the creation of the Documents, Photos and the ownCloud Manual.pdf files when I create a new user? thank you so much


Yes, you should configure skeleton settings. Check this link :


thank you so much ! you’re a great one!

How would you like to set the storage space of new users to 0B by default? Thanks again


search “default storage quota” in the page.


I noticed that while setting the quota to 0B still allows users to create new directories, is it possible to prevent this?


I think i have read somewhere (can’t find it currently) that this is not possible yet.


Yes, go to the data directory you set either default or custom then go to the user’s profile where it lists 3 directories: something, Files and something else can’t remember and right click the Files directory and set permissions to legit 0, this will now deny access.