Prevent the creation of default files in new users

Hi everyone, is it possible to prevent the creation of the Documents, Photos and the ownCloud Manual.pdf files when I create a new user? thank you so much

Yes, you should configure skeleton settings. Check this link :

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thank you so much ! you’re a great one!

How would you like to set the storage space of new users to 0B by default? Thanks again

search “default storage quota” in the page.

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I noticed that while setting the quota to 0B still allows users to create new directories, is it possible to prevent this?

I think i have read somewhere (can’t find it currently) that this is not possible yet.

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Yes, go to the data directory you set either default or custom then go to the user’s profile where it lists 3 directories: something, Files and something else can’t remember and right click the Files directory and set permissions to legit 0, this will now deny access.