Privacy error, share link by e-mail auto-complete list other contacts are shown

When I share a link by mail, and I try to send this link to someone of my contacts, I start to type the contact name and the owncloud auto-complete list is showed to me (something like outlook auto-complete list). For example. Jhon has an account called: (owncloud account)
When Jhon shares a link and Jhon decide to share this link by e-mail Jhon is typing his contact, the owncloud tool auto-completes with recent contacts used by Jhon. Right? The problem is that gets see auto-complete list of another users as for example (owncloud account). Despite for example, jhon has none relationship with joe.
Is it possible user Jhon doesn't see Joe's auto-complete list?
Notes: I have only one OwnCloud Server Instalation;
Jhon and Joe make part of different companies, therefore they can't see the auto-complete list of each other.


i had to read your post about 4-5 times and a still don't get your issue (I'm probably not the only one). Please try to explain your issue in some more details.

Thanks for answer. I tried to explain better. Let me know if you understood now.

So what you are saying is that when someone types an email address they can see the other users email address due to the auto-complete, even though the user has never interacted with the other user at all, and is not on any contact or email list with each other?

Exactly. Have you seen this error before?


the "shared by link" input box takes contacts you have in your ownCloud address books of the contacts app. I don't think there is an issue here...

Seems also that this might be disable able in a future ownCloud versions as a contributor was coming up with an implementation for this a few hours ago: