Problem after updating




after updating i became the error:

Warning: flock() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /www/htdocs/*********/ on line 198

Fatal error: Call to a member function getLogger() on null in /www/htdocs/********/ on line 166

i dont have ssh Login, only ftp. how can i fix it ?


Between which versions did you upgrade?
Did you remove all old script-files before (delete everything except the config/ and data/ folder)?


it was the Auto update from 7 to 8. i think, i cant remember

i remove nothing before or after


The updater app is not so reliable, especially if you have to do several major upgrades. Do a manual upgrade, from OC 7.0 your upgrade path is: 7.0.x -> 7.0.15 -> 8.0.14 -> 8.1.9 -> 8.2.7 -> 9.0.4.

Check your config/config.php which version is currently installed. Make a backup of your data and database. Then:

  • Delete everything except data/ and config/ folder
  • Download the new version ( and extract the zip file in your FTP folder
  • Open owncloud in your browser and run the upgrade
  • Activate all apps you used, there are often updates between the versions as well
  • Repeat the procedure for the next upgrade


to easy.... thanks for Support...