Problem at the install


I just want to install on my OVH (French Provider) the app, i upload all the files but at the end i receive allways the same answer : Method Not Implemented GET to /owncloud/ not supported.

I need advice, kind regards.


Sound like your provider does not support WebDAV. Can you check?

You are right !!!

/!\ L'option WebDAV n'est plus proposée chez OVH/!\

The option is no more available

Is there another solution ?

Maybe you need to use another hoster or at least a vserver?

Is it possible to install on a NAS Synology ?
I install WebDav Server on my NAS...

Mhhh, just had another look at the message. The message is saying that "GET" is not implemented. Seems there is something seriously broken at this host so i think you should contact the support of OVH.

The problem is resolved, my website was in legacy mode instead of Stable.
As soon as i change the mode, the owncloud server is ok.

Thanks for your advices.

Kinds regards