Problem downloading version 8.2

Hello, today I tried to download ownCloud version 8.2 but unfortunately the official site can not be downloaded. I need this version to upgrade from version 8.0.16. Does anyone know what's going on? From where you can download version 8.2.

You can try:
or similar URLs.

Thanks for the help, but as I try to download it pops up a message box saying "requires authentication"

Ouch. There is a misconfiguration. I am checking this with the admin team.
Meanwhile you can browse

thanks for reporting!

OK thank you. I will patiently wait.

Waiting for this as well.

Would you please provide a link to download 8.2.11. Links on this page do not work:

the tar.bz2 link works for me

8.2.11 download is now working.

What about 8.1.12? It still gives me a 404

Ok, now the Download-Section changed completely and older versions are no langer available at all.

Any ideas how to upgrade from 8.0.16?

DeepDiver was fast than me :slight_smile: We just set up a new page where all older ownCloud versions can be found. We will extend this for older client versions asap.

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Thanks a lot for the link.

Sadly 8.1.12 is still unreachable, gives me file not found 404.

I am also trying to download:

The link is dead...

I'm trying to upgrade from version 8.0.x for a client... And at the moment my upgrade path is broken!

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