Problem: integrity check / delete file


Have 2 small problems and 1 question
Would be glad to receive an answer soon.
I have OwnCloud version:

Problem 1:

There were problems with the code - integrity check
I have read the instructions but not figured out what to do.

Problem 2:

Can not delete a video

What do I need to set so that visitors can comment on the image or video, oh if they are not logged in.
The I want to send the link to someone and the should then comment on the images, ie rate.

Kind regards

Click on the link “Liste der ungültigen Dateien” and post the result here.

Maybe this video might be open by a viewer or sync-client. Close everything and try again.

Possibly, this is possible with the guest app. You might have a look at it.

Here is the list of files that failed the integrity check.

What should I do with them?

I have not opened it with a sync client. Neither does the viewer from my point of view. Since the person is currently abroad and has only the SmartPhone with him.

Muss one extra install an app on the SmartPhone?
I want the visitors to be able to comment on the images without an additional tool.

Great, that’s a lot of files which are no longer needed.
Why are they not automatically moved to a folder that is no longer needed when the version is updated?
Now I have to clean all this up myself.

You are responsible for the files or apps you installed earlier. The installer has no chance to decide what can be removed.

I did not install any files by hand, but installed the base of OwnCloud and then the apps within OwnCloud.
So I think the UpDates should be able to know themselves which files the base and the plugins/apps offered by OC still need the files or not.

All other files which were specified I have found, only this not.
Where can I find the files that are no longer needed according to the list? Then I can also delete them.

I would like to add the remaining files " see above post", but I can’t find the files via FTP server.

Also, the commenting on images does not work.
The goal is that the visitors of the shared link (no matter if they have an OC user or not) can leave comments.

Too bad I don’t get any feedback on my post from 30.04.22

Well, I think I gave you some feedback. But the way to avoid or get rid of integrity problems is well documented.

BTW, you should never ask several unrelated topics within the same thread, it’s considered a bad practice.

However, regarding the commenting: AFAIK, commenting something is only possible for users logged in. You might have a look at the guest app, maybe this can help. But I don’t think, visitors via public links can submit any comment.

I did everything I could to get rid of the integrity check problems. But I can’t do everything because I can’t find the rest of the files in memory. So where do they come from?
I specially placed all 3 issues in the same ticket because otherwise it becomes too confusing for me.
Let’s leave the topic commenting trap, because according to you it is only possible if you are logged in to comment on it, which I find a pity.
It is more important to me that the integrity check problem is fixed.
I can gladly create a login so that you can view it.

As I said earlier, these files don’t belong to your current installation, and can therefore safely be deleted, usually. They might come from an earlier installation, or wherever.

OK, to be honest, I’m somewhat irritated by the German names in the list. I’ve never seen that before.

Having a backup copy is always helpful.

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