Problem sending the email

There was a problem sending the email. Check your settings. (Error: Address in mailbox given [info @] does not comply with RFC 2822, 3.6.2.)

Many thank

Can you try this fix?

You need to download this, extract it in


Change the permissions and you should be good to go.

Hi @dmitry
Could you please reshare that code fix please? The link has expired on your server.

Thanks a bunch! :facepunch::smiley:

This fix should be in the 10.0.10. Could you update?

I could find the patch the PR.

Hi dmitry. :grinning:

Well I just installed a new fresh instance of owncloud and it was not working/included.

The bug was still there.

Here is the PR with the fix.

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Thank you so much!

Have a wonderful day @dmitry :facepunch:

You too. Let me know how this worked out.

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It worked great! :grinning:
Thank you!

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This fix will be in the next release. I asked the responsible engineer. I thought the fix made it in the 10.0.10 release but I was mistaken. Sorry

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