Problem updating/unistalling owncloud client 2.7.2 x86 on Win10


I tried to update my owncloud client on my Win10 machine to version 2.7.4
the unistallation of the old client failed due to a missing msi file “ownCloud-2-7-2-2626.x86.msi”.

I tried to download the file from this location:

but the old windows version are not availabe.

Can anyone send me the msi or is there another way how I can remove the old client from my Win 10 system?

Thanks p-body

Client configuration

Client version:
Operating system:
Win10 X64
OS language:

2.7.4 is the latest version. You can download here:

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@michaelstingl I downloaded the new version already, it requests the old MSI for uninstallation of the …
So I still need the old setup or information on how to remove the old 2.7.2. client from my system…

Please follow this guide on how to uninstall software


Thanks for leading me there (again)…

I did try to walk through that guide before I asked for help - but did not realize the link to “Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter” when I tried to walk through that guide first time…

The “Troubleshooter” finally removed the old client and I was able to reinstall the new one…

So problem is fixed

Thanks for your support

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Usually it is not necessary to uninstall an old client, the new installer should upgrade an existing installation.

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