Problem with files called files and files deleted

trouble with owncloud version 8.0.4 (stable),

we are having problems with files that are deleted without user action, in the recycle bin appear files called file and there are also files that the user does not delete. Any suggestions or action to take?
trying to permanently delete files in the trash are not deleted, they appear again when the web browser is updated

Please consider updating since owncloud 8.2 is not longer supported

Its 8.0.4 not 8.2 so even more outdated. :confused:

I have bad experiences in updates ... the last one that tried went wrong and the company almost lost 60 GB in information

I think you need to weight up using a more then 2 year old version like 8.0.4 and risking bugs (you might hit one here) and security vulnerabilities (from what i know there are a quite some in 8.0.4) and risking an issue with an upgrade.

Nevertheless if you can't risk loosing data you should do backups before doing an upgrade anyway and test the upgrade on a backup system / mirrored installation before. The "almost lost 60 GB in information" might tell that this wasn't done?

Dear, I have the same problem, files are deleted alone from the PC and appear in the user’s trash on the WEB. From there we can restore them. We are using ownCloud version 10.0.3 (stable). What dou you recommend.?


this also looks quite outdated so i think the suggestion to use the latest available version is valid here as well.