Problem with new clean installation of 9.1.3

I had 9.1.1 installed on a shared server and suddenly started to experience problems with my devices/PC not syncing with Contacts/Calendars.
A long investigation identified that the host had 'upgraded' the servers but refused to investigate if this had caused the problem because they said 'Owncloud' was not supported (they have their own VPS offering).

Soooo....... I found a new host that does support Owncloud and installed a clean version of 9.1.3 and have one question and one problem.

There is an integrity message on the screen which refers to a file I can't seem to find.

Where do I find this?????

When I import a calendar it works perfectly - however if I try to import an addressbook it fails (ie nothing happens when I select the .vcf to import) and an error appears in the log.

Can anyone advice where the problem may be.

It is puzzling because on experiencing the problem I tried an instal of Nextcloud 11 and this works perfectly with no integrity error and importing the same .vcf file with no issues.

Any help appreciated.


the screenshot of the integrity issue is missing so its hard to tell.

You can't compare Nextcloud 11 with ownCloud 9.1. A rule of thumb is:

Nextcloud 9.5x -> ownCloud a little bit before ownCloud 9.1.x
Nextcloud 10.x -> ownCloud 9.1.x
Nextcloud 11.x -> ownCloud 10.x (unreleased)

I have updated the OP to include the integrity error.

Ok, I hear what you say regarding the Versioning of OC/NC, but that does not explain why I could be getting import errors in OC9.1.3 - particularly as the import works for .ics files with no database errors, but not for a .vcf file originally exported from a copy of OC9.1.1.

Most likely a bug in the .vcf files or similar. Please check the issue tracker on your own and if you don't find a matching report create a new bug there:

@kljhlkhglklfghThanks for the response.

I couldn't see anything in the contacts repository that indicated anyone had the same issue.
I also installed a copy of V9.1.1 (same files I had used before) and ran into the same issue with that -which is confusing because it used to work and if it was an app problem would I not have the same problems in Nextcloud.

I know Nextcloud uses a later version of the Contacts app, but I did try copying that across to OC with no success - it still had the same problem

I am no coder and as I need to get the contacts working quickly I guess I'll have to stick with Nextcloud for the time being as it does all I need for now.

When I have time I'll see if I can find an older copy of the Contacts app and see if that works because it used to work in OC9.1.1 and only stopped recently with no updates to the core files.

Very strange -
Today I was able to load the 'contacts' page and import the .vcf file.
The import registered errors BUT loaded the contacts completly. Weird.

I am still looking for a solution to the integrity check error - just as a refresher this is what appears when I list the files causing an error

I cannot find the file in question so any pointers would be appreciated.

The file is located in your main ownCloud installation dir. If its not there please follow the link in the message within your admin backend which leads you to the documentation explaining how to continue solving this message.

It won't go away automatically once the file was deleted and you need to rescan your files as explained in that mentioned message and in the documentation.

Thanks again.
I found and deleted the file - but when the new one was created and after a re-scan, the error was still there.

Anyway - I decided that there were too many 'issues' with this installation so installed the package again in a different directory - and this time everything seems to have gone OK - with no errors and with the Contacts importing OK.

So let's hope all stays stable and continues to work OK.

Thanks for all your help.


if your webservers configuration is always placing this file at that location the issue will happen again and again. So thats why moving the installation to another place is now working without this issue.

Thanks @kljhlkhglklfgh

All sorted now - set up and syncing with PC/Phone with no issues or errors.

Thanks for all your assistance.