Problem with owncloud 10.6.0 stable in chrome browser 91.0.4472.77

Hello everybody.
I have the following problem when trying to log in, the form resets the entered values ​​and no login occurs. The problem appeared when the Chrome browser was updated to version 91.0.4472.77, the same problem is in the Edge browser (I think because they have the same Chromium engine). The problem is not observed in the Opera and Mozilla Firefox browser and the authorization is successful.In Chrome versions younger than 91.0.4472.77, it also works and authorization is successful.
I have owncloud 10.6.0 stable installed. PHP version 7.4.16 Centos Apache 2.4.6
When trying to log in to Chrome while enabling developer mode F12 produces the following:
jquery-migrate.min.js? v = a1a6a2d6a0f8858b3f77afd6ab4d3a34: 2 JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.0
js.js? v = a1a6a2d6a0f8858b3f77afd6ab4d3a34: 2329 Deprecation warning: tipsy is deprecated. Use tooltip instead.
jQuery.fn.tipsy @ js.js? v = a1a6a2d6a0f8858b3f77afd6ab4d3a34: 2329
(anonymous) @ backgroundjobs.js? v = a1a6a2d6a0f8858b3f77afd6ab4d3a34: 26
j @ jquery.js: 3099
fireWith @ jquery.js: 3211
ready @ jquery.js: 3417
I @ jquery.js: 3433

Apparently the error is related to the change in JS work. Perhaps it’s about configuring apache.
Please help who faced this problem, how to solve it. Thanks in advance for any help

If the problem is browser related I would check installed plugins on the ones where it does not work.

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