Problem with owncloud after update


Hi All,

After the update of the version of owncloud 9.1.3 to 10.0.7, on some of the users the data can't be seen on the webpage. Only when I was enteriing ssh to the path of the data of that user, I could see it, the permisons are ok. This only happens for 2-3 users. I am using ldp for identificaton. Does anyone else have this problem?




can you do a files:scan?



Thanks for the reply. But the file scan has not resolved the issue.

It is weird, as only few users are not seeing their files. The rest of the users have no issues.

Also, the "plus" upload button is missing on the affected users, while the rest can see the button.

We have double check the permissions and everything is looking fine. We've done the files scan, but nothing resolved the issue.

The data is within the data folder, but the web UI is not showing anything.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.