Problem with owncloud Update

hi ,
i have just update my server with yum update .then i face a problem:

Update required
please Since you have a great instance of ownCloud, use the updater from the command line.

For further assistance, please look at the documentation.

but there is no useful information in documentation.

please help me.


what info are you missing in the documentation? Just stating "but there is no useful information in documentation." is really not enough to help you.


i just do yum update my server.then i cannot login more.i don't khonw why shows this page.

And have you followed the documentation? The message is telling you what to do and is pointing you to the documentation where you can find the info what to do next after running yum update.

If you sparing with the information you provide its really not possible to help here.

when i click it it comes this page:

thanks again

Would probably be better to link here:

Indeed. Mind to open a issue about this? :slight_smile: